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Since 1986, our company has been “Serving Therapy with a Cherry” to all of Arizona, Southern California, and Nevada. Whether it be for a wedding, family gathering, or a large corporate event, we believe we can meet all your expectations. We guarantee it will be a “Wow! Look at what they did for us!” event.

Our service is:
Cost effective
No Mess

For our standard ice cream sundae event, we will provide you with 9 delightful flavors of ice cream covering all the dietary requirements as well as several topping choices:
Ice Cream
1 fat-free ice cream flavor
6 premium ice cream flavors
1 sugar and carbohydrate free ice cream flavor
1 fruity sorbet flavor (no milk)
Hot fudge
Hot Caramel
Whipped Cream
Almonds (no peanuts)

Our ice creams are full of flavor and have their own great mix-ins. However, if you wish to have extra toppings (Oreos, M&Ms, etc…) an additional cost of around $.45 per serving will be added. A great advantage to using our service is that you only pay for what is used; If you asked for 100 servings, and only 90 are used, don’t worry about it! We won’t charge you for the unused 10. However, we do require a minimum of 75% of the total requested.

In addition to our wonderful sundaes, we also offer ice cream bars, ice cream cones, milkshakes, saved ice, and banana splits. Prices for these items may be discussed in further detail.

Our crew will arrive at your event one hour early with all of the necessities, with the exception of trash cans. In most events,we do re require an electrical outlet as well. Our units are self-contained, space efficient, and can be set up anywhere that has wheelchair access. Our ice cream carts are outfitted with a lighted umbrella and if your event has a theme (4th of July, Christmas…)we can set up decor to go along with it or use your supplied items. We also bring along 50’s tune to make your event more enjoyable as a background.

We also have numerous food options including: BBQ, breakfast, brunch, buffets, ham burgers & hot dogs, Hawaiian, Italian, Mexican, Sandwiches, Seafood, Vegetarian, and more. An increasingly popular item is our large sweet dough pretzels. They are becoming a huge hit with our clients.

Our days fill up fast, so don’t hesitate and submit a quote today!

Here are just some examples of the weddings and other events we’ve done:

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